That year, she was seventeen years old, a dreamlike age, and secretly took up her luggage and embarked on a journey. The carefully planned journey has finally taken a step, but it seems like an unspeakable farewell. Moreover, the northbound road is not as smooth as expected. It seems that heaven wants to punish her for her recklessness. All the tribulations and twists should be unfolded in her body. First, the seat was occupied by an elderly and ferocious aunt. Then, the train was ten hours late on the way, so that it was planned to arrive at three o'clock in the afternoon before one o'clock in the morning. Looking at the brightly lit railway station and the sporadic workers lying on the ground in the hall, they were full of sadness. Then when she got to the railway station, her wallet was stolen. That's five thousand yuan she pawned. In addition to a dozen dollars in pocket, there is only one valuable Duffy's satchel, which he gave her not long ago, but now it has become a gift. She could not help crying. However, she was not crushed by these things. After sitting for five or six hours, she began to look for places to shelter her in this strange city. First, she washed dishes in a small restaurant, washed her hair in a barber shop, and sent sanitation workers. Then, she sent out takeaway, part-time nanny, sometimes made products to promote sales, sometimes even put small stalls on the street to sell trinkets. However, she was chased to death by the urban management every time Run Nevertheless, she will face the days at the end of the month when she has no money to eat bread. What's more, the most difficult thing is not the physical fatigue, but the oppression of self-esteem. It's like an unforgettable experience. She takes every job seriously and tries her best. However, she always tells herself that not every time she pays, she will be rewarded. She began to feel that she should not live like this. She needed to stand up firmly. She had a strong desire to live in the city with a strong back, rather than being oppressed, looked down upon, or even humiliated. So two years later, she finally worked in an electronic factory as she wished. Although she worked hard, sometimes she worked overtime day and night, she didn't have to worry about not paying her salary or be afraid of being resigned. She began to indulge in this rare security. Until that day, she saw sister Zhou, who had been working here for 12 years, suddenly died on the workbench due to overwork and overwork day and night, while the factory only lost 20000 yuan. There was a convulsion in her heart. The heavy uneasiness surrounded her all the time, which made her unable to extricate herself. So she decided to take out the savings of these three years and began to think about her future.